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Greenway Companies

Who We Are

Greenway Environmental is the leading hydro excavation company in the upper Midwest. We work with utility providers, municipalities, construction companies, contractors, and other related industries to provide high-quality and environmentally safe excavation services using our state-of-the-art hydrovac equipment. Whether you need to access a utility line, dig a trench, or remove debris on a worksite, our team will get the job done on time.

What We Do

Our company specializes in hydro excavation, which is the process of using highly pressurized water and an air vacuum to dig or move soil in a designated area. We focus on services like piling hole excavation, cold weather digging, potholing/daylighting, exposing utilities, slot trenching, debris removal, and remote digging. We will work with you to determine the best process for your excavation project.

Why Us

Compared to manual digging or traditional excavation techniques, hydro excavation is a safer and more eco-friendly process. It also requires less manual labor and reduces the likelihood of damage to utility lines, making it a more cost-effective option for industries who need underground access to install, maintain, and repair most utility lines and pipework. Our expert team prioritizes safety and precision with each dig to ensure the procedure is done correctly while minimizing destruction in the surrounding environment.

Our Services

Hydro Excavation

Unearth the possibilities of hydro excavation for your underground project. Whether you need to access a utility line, dig a trench, or remove worksite debris, our team will get the job done on time.


Rent your next home or commercial space through our property management division. We’re here to help you find the best apartment, house, or work area for your needs.

Structural Movers

Relocate your house, garage, barn, or other building with our experienced structural movers. We’ll go the distance to ensure your property is handled with care and arrives safely to its new destination.

Scrap Iron

Clean up unwanted scrap metal from your yard using our scrap iron removal services. Our team will come to your home or work site to haul away any amount of excess metal from the premises.


Contact our team to learn more about our variety of services and get a free estimate!

A word from our customers

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- Antonio Valencia
Product Manager
I've worked out of coffee shops for some time but Cowwworking gives me the perfect environment for getting work done and meeting new professionals in the NY area. This space and the people in it are a true example of coworking done right.
- Antonio Valencia
Product Manager
Fantastic community, great location! Looking forward to watching this place grow. If you are interested in growing your business, you need to check this place out. It's also a great place to host an event, with a very hip event space.
- Antonio Valencia
Product Manager

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